Fabrication - Modifications - Welding


Specialising in "one off" specific small jobs


  • Manufacturing: campers, towbars, small trailers

  • Fabrication: general, steel, aluminium

  • Certified Welding -  Welding of most metals, tig, mig, ark and oxy. 

  • Housing repair, AS  Certified  welding .  Confined area compliant

  • Irrigation, gas, hydraulic, pressure pipe and general fabrication.

  • Automotive compliance, fuel tanks

  • Civil structural, building

  • General

………..no job too small.

Machining – lathe and small mill

Some examples of the variety of previous engineering:  Swimming pool transport trailer; water tank stand; diesel powered pump base set up;  stainless steel camper kitchen; gold extraction unit; Honda trike reverse unit; bobcat 4 in 1 bucket repair; specialised ATV spray units;  race car chassis welding; steel lockable units; custom built flat top tandem trailers; custom built high flow dual header motorbike exhaust system for Halrey Davidson; specialised irrigation filter.......

If someone has a piece of equipment, where parts are no longer available,….Trevor is the person to make that specialised part.


  • Trevaye workshop

Contact: 0429 417 829 or email: trevaye56@yahoo.com









Trevaye camper trailers workshop